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MCAGenie Business opportunity!


Leverage the Largest & Most Advanced MCA/Fast Loan Marketplace!

Simple to Start- Make Real Money Now.

  • Leverage MCAGenie specialized Fast Loan/Cash Advance System Marketplace and grow a niche in a recession-proof business. Become financially secure! We carry the most fast-loan/advance options with the best rates for your clients. We have many satisfied clients and references!
  • This is an ideal part-time or full-time business that you can actually be making top income with very quickly! We have over 85% closing ratio of every advance/fast loan request!
  • This is a fast-growing lending market which has surpassed traditional small lending provided by banks!
Market Size

At present, daily funders, which are a combination of both MCA companies and lenders that require daily payments, are funding somewhere between $3-$5 billion a year. On the Call Green said he believed the potential market was far larger than that, although he discredited the $200 billion figure that some independent research had predicted. That was only because LendingClub believes the potential market is substantially higher, more along the lines of $300 billion.

The merchant cash advance industry is now booming. With more clients than ever, many businesses are finding out that these advances give many more perks than the traditional loan is able to give. They work with them time and time again because they are just that great to work with.

There is no hassle with working with an MCA broker. They know what you want, you know what you want, and they help you get it through investors providing these cash advances. You do not have to have a high credit score to get them either. In fact, many business have turned to MCA after having spent countless hours seeking a traditional bank loan only to be turned down because of their low credit scores.

Top Commissions/Payouts from our lenders - Average Deal is $15,000 Commission!
Reap the benefits of the MCAGenie Marketplace system and the large loan volume it generates! Reap the rewards of large payouts from our lenders and our ever-increasing Advance software infrastructure!
Our full-lending business infrastructure needed to run your business is taking only a small fraction of each transaction.
Receive the full Marketplace infrastructure engine to run your business and your website with the option to grow with full integration with back office management of business! CRM, Dialer, Email Marketing, etc.
Full Turnkey Solution
  • Minimal business overhead and training time needed until making money! Run this business while at your current Job. Let our lending software engine with our marketing system work for you!
  • Your $4,995 Licensing includes: a fully-dynamic Fast Loan/Advance website integrated with our system back office, and full "Sales Closing" service 24/7 for your sales team.
  • Full Telemarketers/Sales Reps Training with personal training for individuals reps.
  • Marketing assistance and owner business management if required. Full white-label option including calls, emails, etc.
  • Accelerated training for new business owners. Owners can generate income during the first week after sign up and training!
  • Start a brilliant business that has been proven to generate fast, significant revenues while we provide you with solid thorough training!

Specialize in a solid niche lending sector. Reap the financial rewards more quickly than with many other riskier businesses.

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